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Fall 2023 Season

September 6th: The start of the Fall session, welcome to class!

October 30th, November 1st-4th: Parent Observation Week! Come observe what your child has been learning so far!


November 8th: Costume Day

4:20-4:35: Wednesday Ballet I

4:35-4:50: Princess Ballet Monday

4:50-5:00: Princess Ballet

5:00-5:20: Ballet II and III

5:20-5:35: Hip Hop I

5:35-5:50: Hip Hop II

5:50-6:15: Ballet V & Advanced Contemporary

6:15-6:30: Hip Hop III

6:30-6:45: Princess Ballet 10:00am Saturday

6:45-7:00: Princess Ballet 11:10am Saturday

7:00-7:15: Ballet I Saturday

7:15-7:30: Tap and Toes I

7:30-7:45: Tap and Toes II

7:45-8:00: Friday Contemporary!
Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your designated slot to keep the schedule on track.

November 10th, 23rd and 24th: No Class

November 16th, 17th & 18th: Thursday and Saturday classes to be held inside the Lakeshore building

November 27th, 29th-December 2nd: Recital Preview! Come watch your dancers get some recital practice in front of a very supportive audience (that's you!).

December 8th: Final Class of the Fall Session

December 9th: 2023 recital at The Berman Theatre.

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