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Register For Our Spring Mini-Sessions!

2024 Schedule:

First Session: May 6th-18th

Second Session: June 3rd-29th

Monday (Miss Michelle):

4:30-5:00: Princess Ballet

5:00-5:45: Ballet II/III

5:45-7:15: Ballet IV

7:15-8:00: Advanced Contemporary (Invitation Only)


Wednesday (Miss Michelle):

4:20-5:00: Ballet I

5:00-5:45: Ballet II/III

5:45-7:15: Ballet IV

7:15-7:45: Pre-Pointe (Invite Only)


Thursday (Miss Sarah):

5:00-5:40: Hip Hop I

5:40-6:20: Hip Hop II

6:20-7:00: Hip Hop III


Friday (Miss Michelle):

5:00-5:45: Tap and Toes

5:45-7:15: Ballet IV

7:15-8:00: Contemporary

The Novi Civic Center Studios
45175 W 10 Mile Rd

Novi, MI 48375

Or Register Online Here.


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