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Frequently Asked Questions

Please direct any additional questions to Miss Chelsea at

What Classes Do You Offer?

We offer recreational tap, jazz, contemporary, and hip hop in addition to our robust ballet program. We also offer private lessons, and even choreography for first wedding dances. 


What performance opportunities do you offer?

We have two large shows a year: A Winter Concert/Nutcracker and a Spring Concert.
For older ballet students, we also offer the opportunity to compete at YAGP and perform at the Michigan Ballet festival.


What age are the classes for?

Baby ballet, is offered to 2-3 year olds and an adult participant.
Our introductory recital classes (Princess Ballet and Tap and Toes)  start at 3 years old, and hip hop and jazz begin at 5 years old.

Our competitive ballet division begins at age 9.

We also offer ballet and jazz classes to adults!

Female Dancer

Do You Have a Dress Code?

While each dance style has a separate shoe requirement, recreational students are free to wear whatever they can move best in!
Starting in Ballet I, a bun, leotard, and tights are required.

There is no dress code for our adult dancers, though instructors are happy to offer suggestions if requested!

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